Japan Day 2: Zojo-ji Temple and Tokyo Tower


It was a very short, somewhat relaxed day for us. I tasted my very first corn dog (they actually call it ‘American Dog’ in Japan). Our agenda for the day was just Tokyo tower.

We stumbled upon Zojo-ji temple while wandering the area. We got there just in time for the evening service. I never noticed just how soothing and relaxing buddhist chants are.

At Tokyo Tower, we met up with ate Janna’s friend, ate Davie and her family. We toured around Tokyo Tower and had dinner with them. Their eldest son, David was such a chatter box. He was very smart for a 6 year old. I’m guessing that he has currently discovered the Lion King as he kept singing the opening to it, “Aaaaaah savenya~” (yeah yeah.. I know that’s not the right lyrics to it either).

There was an animate in Tokyo Tower but it was more like a pop up shop than a proper store. It still had several cute items and if I wasn’t heading to Ikebukuro later in the week, I probably would have bought a bunch of things there.

Tokyo Tower is also the home a One Piece indoor themed park. I didn’t go in cause I’m not really a big fan of One Piece but I think fans would absolutely love it. I was pretty tempted to try and convince my cousins and ate Davie to go eat at the One Piece restaurant but I held back since the restaurant was bound to be a little pricey.

All throughout the day, we kept seeing people dressed as Mario Kart characters, driving around go karts in the area. At first I thought it was some kind of tourist/promotion thing that was done by Nintendo but when I noticed that the amount of people driving kept changing, I realised that it was some kind of activity that we could possibly do. I’m definitely going to try it the next time that I’m in Tokyo.


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