Heading off to Japan!


I’ve been quiet for quite a while but that’s because there wasn’t any real travelling done the past year. That’s all about to change starting today!

If anyone has been following me on twitter, I’ve been posting non-stop the past couple of weeks about my Japan trip. Anyone who knows me, will know  that I’ve been dreaming about heading over to Japan since I was a little girl. It took a couple of false starts and a year of planning but today is day! Alfafa and I are heading over to Japan today! To prepare for this trip, I’ve redesigned the blog and created a youtube channel as a companion for this blog (Look for Sakura and Alfafa on youtube!).  I’ll be documenting my whole Japan experience and posting stuff on my twitter the whole time so keep an eye on those.

Japan is just the beginning. I’ve got a couple more trips schedule for 2017 and I’m looking forward to visiting new countries with Alfafa and share them all with you!